MUTUCASH is a digital wallet that allows free, secure money transfers and cashless payments


Receive, store and transfer funds to other MUTUCASH wallets

Never worry about using cash while home or abroad

MUTUCASH Is For Everyone

Anyone can access their digital wallet from their mobile device

MUTUCASH is great for people who want to exchange, use and transact money in a paperless world.

This alleviates the issues of traveling with cash which has to be converted or could be lost or stolen.

People living abroad with a home country bank account can reduce the headaches of banking transfers and costly fees

Expats all over the world struggle financially due to limited access to their funds and accounts back home, but no more.

Money You Can’t Lose

Cash can be lost or stolen.

MUTUCASH is always protected

Tired of excessive and hidden fees?

Other digital wallet providers and payment systems offered in Southeast Asia are limited in their capabilities due to language barriers.

Empower Yourself

MUTUCASH frees tourists and expats from limited banking restrictions and confusing local wallet systems.

MUTUCASH allows people to have power over their money.


Free Access To MUTUCASH!

MUTUCASH offers safe and secure access to your money.

MUTUCASH is for people to use money responsibly; to expend and transfer with other users and businesses in a reasonable and legal fashion.

Everyone is born equal and deserves free, open and safe access to their money while traveling and living at home or abroad.


MUTUCASH For Vendors

Vendors can send and receive money to and from B2B and B2C accounts

Vendors who choose to use MUTUCASH as their currency solution will have access to an unlimited number of accounts to be used at the vendor’s disposal

Business owners can expand their businesses within expat communities

This also includes local business owners who wish to expand their business activities within expat communities.



MUTUCASH vendors make it easy for members of expat communities to interact and exchange funds for goods and services

MUTUCASH offers vendors and consumers a digital wallet app that will receive, store and transfer funds to be used like any other currency for the purposes of buying or selling goods and services accordingly.

For Investors

MUTUCASH is an all-inclusive company that wants your investment to help create a financial platform that enables both expats, tourists and local users to ease trading.

The pains of living abroad can cause all kinds of stress and confusion. Businesses and people who know this struggle have a unique opportunity to invest in a company that can help other expats, tourists and locals.






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